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Çağla Çikolata to Rank in Top Five

The first time that the company offered its customers a variety of tastes was 1978.Having secured its place in meals and invitations through its cakes and pies back then, the company considers manufacturing chocolate.The reputation of a company producing a great variety of chocolate in a small factory expands overseas.

The objectives of Çağla Çikolata which appeals to the taste of its customers in various parts of the world is rather large.The company aims to become one of the top five companies in its sector.Maintaining its rapid growth, the company is proceeding confidently on its way to add taste to the lives of the people.

Mikdat Beyazpınar, the general director of the company that tries to keep track of innovations and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, mentioned the objectives and projects of the company to KOBİDEN.

Cay you tell us the establishment story of your company?

We started production in Kocaeli in 1978.We only produced cakes and pies then.

Later, we decided to start producing chocolate as per the requests we received in 1994. We worked on a very low capacity in early years. In 1998, we started to take part in various fairs abroad in order to promote our company and engage in business connections. We participated in fairs organized in many countries ranging from America to Europe and Middle East. Those fairs made great contributions to us. They enabled us to start making smalls-scale exports as we became more familiar with the industry, got to know other players, and got in touch with the industry through fairs. Our exports have increased consistently since 2005. Now we export our goods to more than 70 countries.

Can you talk about your manufacturing process?

Çağla Çikolata has two manufacturing plants: one in Kocaeli and the other in Hendek Second Organized Industrial Zone in Sakarya. Our factory in Hendek Second Organized Industrial Zone is established on a total area of 40 thousand square meters, 8 thousand of which is indoor area.We have a total production capacity of 100 tons. Furthermore, we have an office on the Asian side of İstanbul

How many different products do you have?

We have 150 different products in total. We supply a very small portion of our products to the domestic market. We mainly export our goods.We find Turkish market and its conditions very challenging. We have a small market share in Turkey. However, we would like to be one of the most prominent players of the sector with our quality-oriented investments in the domestic market.

What do you think about the current state of confectionery and chocolate market?

Turkish confectionery and chocolate industry has recently experienced a rapid growth. Now Turkey is among 3 countries that experience the fastest growth in chocolate industry in particular. An examination of the levels of consumption reveals that consumption of confectionery and chocolate products in Turkey is well below the levels of European and other countries. However, such factors as the transformation of consumption habits particularly with the increasing levels of income, the improvement in production quality, raised awareness among consumers, expansion of distribution networks have caused an increase in confectionery and chocolate products. Consumers' preference of high-quality, well-known products over their cheaper counterparts contributed to the growth of the market. The sector also experiences an increase in exports. Today, Turkey exports its goods to Middle East, Europe, and Middle East.The diversity of products is also large, which directly affects the growth of the sector.

How much of your products do you export?

We export 80% of our products and supply 20% to the domestic market.We have increased our exports by about 15% since 2005.Our production increased by 20% compared to 2012 last year. We are among top 5 players of chocolate market in almost 10 countries.We have made serious investments for a similar achievement in Turkey.We also aim to increase our production capacity. However, improving our quality is a higher priority for us.We used to produce so-called compound chocolate. However, our current products are completely true chocolates. We have invested in quality and automation for 2 years. By these investments and R&D activities, we aim to rank in the top 5 among the manufacturers of true chocolate in the Turkish market. We are among the second largest 500 industrial organizations in Turkey. We aim to be one of the largest 500 industrial organizations within 3 years. Furthermore, we are planning to increase our production by 30 percent. 

What do you think are the most important problems of the sector?

As is the case in almost all other sectors, the so-called "under-the-counter" production is the major problem in our sector. Products of lower quality are not preferred as the consumers grow more aware. Consumers' preference of delicious, healthy, and high-quality products directly affects the demand for products of well-known brands. While positive developments take place, cost increases and imitation products continue to be a problem for producers. 

Especially the fact that agricultural products such as sugar, flour, and maize, which make up the raw material of chocolate and confectionery industry in recent years are considered investment instruments significantly raises costs. Our dependence on import for cocoa, one of the most significant raw materials of chocolate is another factor that increases the costs. 

Can you give us some information about the branding strategy of your company?

It is necessary to analyze the market very well to talk about branding. Chocolate and confectionery sector is a young and developing sector in Turkey and an intensive competition is taking place in the market. The importance of branding is continually increasing in this atmosphere. High-quality products have become more attractive in the market particularly because the consumers have become more aware in recent years. Consumers prefer products with brand recognition, of which they are confident.

When the foreign markets are considered, Turkey still holds a good position in terms of quality and world-class production.As Çağla Çikolata, we have also focused our branding efforts on quality. It is our primary purpose to produce both delicious products appealing to the taste of consumers and healthy ones. Our investments also serve this purpose.

With our R&D efforts and technological investments, Çağla has a high recognition particularly in foreign markets.We are in an assertive position in the industry with our brands Volume and Truffino. We aim to become one of the 500 largest industrial organizations in Turkey by 2017 

We are among top 5 players of chocolate market in almost 10 countries. We have made serious investments for a similar achievement in Turkey. We also aim to increase our production capacity. We are among the second largest 500 industrial organizations in Turkey. We aim to be one of the largest 500 industrial organizations within 3 years. Furthermore, we are planning to increase our production by 30 percent." 

500 different products ranging from chocolate to wafer, biscuit to bonbons  Çağla Çikolata has a very wide range of products.

The company has 150 different products including chocolates, chocolate bars, cocoa creams, other chocolates, rolled wafers, wafers, biscuits, lollipops and bonbons.

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