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Çağla Çikolata: We will enter the season with our licensed products

"We aim to enter the season with promotion and on-site activities in different periods with our licensed products. The holiday season is coming to a close as the school year begins. For this reason, we are planning our promotional activities and all projects with parents who experience this period with students in mind. We aim to win the favor of children with entertaining product designs and support parents with the promotion materials that we will use". Keskiner continued to give further information about the promotions: 

"We engage in long-running efforts that meet consumers' expectations to the greatest extent possible while planning our promotions.Studying seasonal trends and target audiences, we try to support our field forces with right activities at the right time.We examine promotional sales graphs periodically, taking additional actions according to their results.School year is included in our season as is the case for all companies in the FMCG group.

All actions that we take in this period are based on turnover contribution but apart from that, the major objective of Çağla Çikolata in this period is to improve our brand recognition with new investments in our brands.

Pointing out that the ever-developing in-store application areas made communication with consumers inside the store more effective, Keskiner said: "It is not sufficient to designate large exhibition areas, which is why we decided to utilize areas where we can present our products to consumers more intensively.

For instance, since cake brings a cup of warm tea to the mind, we exhibit our products on small stands on this cross area.

For a well-organized appearance and practicality, we exhibit our products on ready-to-fill stands.We try to appeal to 5 senses of consumers through the in-store practices."

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