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Çağla Çikolata will grow the cake market with 35 million TL investment in innovation

The total worth of cake exported from Turkey in 2015 was $367,5 million. Cake production saw a 9% increase in 2015. The export champion of Turkey, Çağla Çikolata has made a stride with 35 million TL.

Çağla Çikolata has offered 14 types of cake manufactured under the label "Volume" to consumers in the domestic market and exports.Exporting goods to more than 70 countries in 6 continents, Çağla Çikolata named its cake products 'Volume'.

One of the fastest-growing companies of Turkey, Çağla Çikolata manufactures 150 tons of chocolate, wafer and cream with its 500 employees, 80 percent of them being female, in 35 thousand square meters of indoor area within a total plant area of 60 thousand square meters in 2 manufacturing plants in Kocaeli and Sakarya.

In his speech at the new product launch meeting organized in Sapanca, Umut Beyazpınar, Umut Beyazpınar, a Member of Çağla Çikolata Board of Directors, said: "The most important factor that has grown the cake market in the last 5 years comes from newly launched innovative products.

Despite the narrowing down in Turkish and Global markets in 2015, we have made a brave decision and realized our cake project with an investment of 35 million TL with our dynamic staff and the confidence of our global partners. 

We are turning into an assertive players in the market with 14 new types of cakes in addition to 150 types of products.that were already in our product range."

Member of Çağla Çikolata Board of Directors, Umut Beyazpınar further said: "Aiming to become one of the top 5 players in the true chocolate sector in Turkish market with its quality-oriented investments, Çağla Çikolata manufactures 60 thousand tons of chocolate, wafer and hazelnut cream per year. We manufacture 20 thousand tons of chocolate, 10 thousand tons of wafer, and 6 thousand tons of hazelnut cream in our factories in Kocaeli and Hendek.

We export our goods to 70 countries including primarily the countries in Far East, Europe, America, and Middle East.We are in an assertive position in the industry with our brands Volume and Truffino.Umut Beyazpınar, Member of Çağla Çikolata Board of Directors, said: "Çağla Çikolata made a groundbreaking investment in Turkey: we have released the first waffle cake.

We offer 4 types of Waffle Cake: "Chocolate Sauce Mosaic", "Chocolate Sauce", "Strawberry Sauce", and "Orange Sauce".We are investing in R&D and hi-tech manufacturing systems.We aim to achieve 10 million dollar turnover and 3% domestic market share by the end of 2018.

High-quality products and powerful marketing with Turquality

Beyazpınar added: "Aware of the importance of marketing activities in intensifying competition, Çağla Çikolata has completed its efforts on the Turquality program for branding of Turkey in global markets.It is aimed that the Turquality certificate will be obtained by 2017.This will enable the company to compete with its rivals in global markets not only with good products but also by powerful marketing activities".

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