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Quality Policy
Continually Improved, Strong Production
Giving particular importance to human factor and health, reflection of quality parameters to our products in an effort to continuously improve food production and customer expectations in accordance with measurable and acceptable levels of the said parameters.

Our objective is to earn the satisfaction, confidence, and loyalty of our customers, fulfill all legal requirements, develop and present superior brands with excellent quality in order to satisfy the customers' requests, fulfilling their needs and expectations. Raising our standards by means of continuous improvements, and corrective and preventive activities, and adding further value through a concept of management based on problem solving. Enhancing the concept of forming a team for business administration and human factor based on cost-benefit.

Manufacturing reliable food in chocolate industry in accordance with the concept of food safety management and forming transportation and distribution networks worldwide to reach our customers, defining the principles that must be followed by the employees of Çağla in order to provide products and brands of higher standards.

The employees of Çağla Gıda promise that they will implement this policy, and follow and maintain all requirements of quality, Food Safety Management Systems, and BRC Food Global Food Safety standards