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Human Resources
Powerful Staff, Powerful Production

Our Human Resources Policy

Efficient use of human resources to become a customer-oriented company that increases its continuous development and capacity in food industry, meets the expectations of its stakeholders, appreciates its employees, open to changes, sensitive to the environment and occupational health and safety, compliant with quality standards, continuously develops its technology and derives its strength from its creativity.

The Objective of Our Human Resources Policy

The second step is to identify and do planning for training needs, execute these plans; identify competencies, conduct performance management, career planning in accordance with scientific methods.

Our way to continuous growth and development involves employing an educated and experienced workforce, increasing their efficiency, allowing their improvement, creating a peaceful working environment with cooperation and solidarity.

It is the essential purpose of our recruitment process to appoint highly-motivated candidates that will be able to conform to the company's culture and common values, have the qualifications and competencies required by their position, who are open to development and changes and will carry Çağla Şekerli Mamuller into the future.

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